Spring bursts onto the scene in Savannah, Georgia, and with it comes the prime time for unforgettable inshore fishing adventures. Here at Whiplash Charters, Captain Michael Purvis is ready to whisk you away on an exciting expedition to target a bounty of species teeming in the vibrant coastal waters.

March: A Stellar Month for Savannah Fishing

March offers a sweet spot for inshore fishing in Savannah. The winter chill fades, and spring brings comfortable temperatures ideal for spending a day on the water. As water temperatures rise, fish become more active, making for thrilling catches and action-packed trips.

Target These Species in March with Whiplash Charters:

  • Redfish: March ignites the redfish bite. These hard-fighting fish are a favorite among anglers, and their fiery runs will test your skills.
  • Speckled Trout: Another exciting target, speckled trout, are in abundance during March. Their delicate bite and delicious flavor make them a prized catch.
  • Flounder: These masters of disguise are a fun challenge for anglers. Captain Michael knows the prime flounder habitats, so get ready to put your angling techniques to the test.
  • And More! Depending on the day, you might also encounter black drum, sheepshead, and a variety of other species.

Don’t miss out on the exceptional fishing opportunities that March brings to Savannah! Contact Whiplash Charters today and let Captain Michael guide you to a day of fun, thrilling catches, and unforgettable memories on the water.

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