Prime Time for Trophy Catches:

  • Redfish: These feisty fighters are abundant in the cooler months, offering thrilling light tackle battles.
  • Spotted Seatrout: Known for their delicate flavor, these beauties are schooling up in January, making for epic catches.
  • Sheepshead: A unique and challenging fish to target, they prefer inshore areas with hard structures like jetties, piers, bridges, oyster beds, and rock piles, but in January you can find them in offshore reefs.

Mild Weather, Serene Beauty:

  • Escape the crowds: Enjoy the peace of the Savannah waterways as the peak season rush subsides.
  • Soak up the sunshine: January boasts comfortable temperatures, perfect for a day on the water without the summer heat.
  • Witness natural wonders: Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, manatees, and stunning coastal scenery.

Whiplash Fishing Charters: Your Expert Guides:

  • Captain Michael’s Expertise: Benefit from his years of experience and local knowledge for targeted fishing success.
  • Top-notch Equipment: Relax and enjoy the ride on our clean, comfortable, and fully-equipped vessel.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Bring the whole family along for a memorable adventure suitable for all ages and skill levels.

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