February’s Finest: What We Reeled In

  • Redfish: These feisty fighters are abundant in the cooler months, offering thrilling light tackle battles.
  • Spotted Seatrout: Known for their delicate flavor, these beauties are schooling up in January, making for epic catches.
  • Sheepshead: A unique and challenging fish to target, they prefer inshore areas with hard structures like jetties, piers, bridges, oyster beds, and rock piles, but in January you can find them in offshore reefs.

Beyond the Catch:

Fishing with Whiplash Charters isn’t just about catching fish. It’s about:

  • Unforgettable Experiences: Captain Mike prioritizes creating a memorable and enjoyable trip for everyone on board.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: We welcome families with open arms, providing a safe and exciting environment for all ages.
  • Exploring Savannah’s Waters: Witness the beauty of Savannah’s waterways as you navigate the inshore ecosystem.

Ready to Reel in Your February Fun?

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